A New Chapter (ha ha)

Hello friends, welcome back! Fair to say it’s been a tumultuous year – and that’s all I’ll be saying about it. We’re sick of it, right? Right.

So, basically, this blog is (yet again) getting a revival but this time I’ve actually got a plan; book reviews! I’m usually a very avid reader – in 2019, I read 56 books and was hoping to do the same in 2020. BUT because it was the year that SUCKED, I only read… thirteen. Yeah. Shocking. Basically, with furlough and then redundancy, I lost my main chunk of time where I usually got stuck into reading: my commute. And I got lazy and didn’t carve out the time to read any more, because it was easier to lie horizontal and watch Netflix for five hours to forget my troubles.

This year, I’ve decided to write book reviews because I’m hoping it will push me to actively read more, and because I’m a sucker for a good long series.

I have actually done a review on this blog already, for a book called Ink!
I will review the final 2 in that series at some point too, promise.

That means I often get sucked in to the first one or two books only to discover I have a year’s wait for the next instalment. If, like me, you suffer from a terrible memory then you’ll understand the bittersweet joy that comes along with the long awaited sequel release. Yay it’s finally here! But wait… what happened in the last one???

A classic example of this was the Throne of Glass series for me. I started way back in 2014 when Sarah J Maas was a relatively new author. I was doing an internship at Bloomsbury (still the best 2 weeks of my life, hands down) and on my last day was sent away with three tote bags FULL of books, including two of hers. I devoured ToG in a day and was hooked on every single one of SJM’s ensuing novels.

Now, the ToG series is 8 books long, including The Assassin’s Blade or book 0.5, with roughly a year or more in between each as she was also releasing the ACOTAR series alongside. Tower of Dawn, book 6.5, came along and as I was reading I found myself foggy on some callback references. Book 7, Kingdom of Ash, left me absolutely bewildered. I recognised most names but couldn’t align them with the faces my imagination had once conjured.

What could I do??

I’ll tell you what I did – reread the entire series for five months on my commutes to and from work. When I finally got around to Kingdom of Ash proper, it was so fresh and vibrant and I was IN it again.

It’s not always practical to reread an entire series again when the last instalment arrives, though I’m sure it’s not the last time I’ll do it, so these reviews will hopefully serve as an amazing memory jogger for me. And for you if you like them!

It won’t just be series, either, for I did read some great standalone books last year. I will also gladly take any recommendations if you’ve read a book that you loved (or hated!). If you’ve got a Goodreads account, follow me on there and you can recommend books directly, or leave a comment on here, or any other review post for me to see.

Here’s to 2021, guys, and to accountability! Will I make it to 56 books again? Doubtful, but I’ll give it a good go.


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