Ten Things I Found While Packing To Move

  1. Boredom.
    Shocker, taking all your stuff from one place to another is not exciting. It is time consuming and it hurts a hoarder like me to part with stuff that I know I never use but that I just like to have around.
  2. Three empty perfume bottles.
    Why am I keeping those? Who knows. They look pretty but they’ve also already been replaced by newer bottles of the same. I still haven’t thrown them out.
  3. All the kirby grips I have ever lost.
    This one is quite good, all things considered. Now I don’t have to buy any more as I own approximately three billion.
  4. Two fridge magnets with Jared Leto’s face on.
    I went through a (brief but intense) phase of loving 30 Seconds To Mars circa 2009, enough so that my mum and dad had a couple of custom magnets made for a Christmas present for me one year. I BLOODY LOVED ‘EM…. aaaand now they’re in the bin.
  5. Dust.
    So. Much. Dust.
  6. A fantastic Spotify playlist.
    Look, I needed some motivational music, okay? So what if I ended up just sitting on my laptop for thirty minutes, I deserved the break. Rounding up those kirby grips was hard work.
  7. Approx. seven years worth of old makeup.
    Hello, my name is Elodie and I’m a makeup addict. I also did an internship at a magazine in 2010 where I came away from a butt load of free stuff that never got used. RIP all that Benefit High Beam.
  8. An iPhone 4s.
    Considering I’m now on a 7, this must have been around for a LONG time. Still works, I checked.
  9. Probably a fortune’s worth of foreign coins. 
    Either that or they’re worth cumulatively 50p. Guaranteed I will never find out as I am going to leave them in the big cup I found them in.
  10. Floor space.
    With so much stuff now in a different part of the house ready to go, my bedroom (soon to be ex-bedroom) is a fresh canvas. Until the next time I visit home and inevitably spread out everything as is my wont.

And a bonus entry: One Thing I Didn’t Find While Packing To Move

  1. That one lipstick that I lost about four years ago and haven’t yet got over.
    That limited edition MAC Venomous Villains Maleficent ‘Dark Deed’ shade was so perfect. It tragically costs about £50 on eBay to replace so I guess I’ll just have to carry on buying every lipstick ever in an attempt to relive it. Oh dear.


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