Being a Grown Up Is Hard Pt.1 (probably)

It’s been over two weeks since my last post – if this sounds like a confession it’s because it is and I am sorry. The truth is simply that it doesn’t feel like two whole weeks have passed because I haven’t done anything worth writing about in that time. Where I used to have most evenings free after work to slip in drinks or last minute plans, I now have two to three flat viewings in the space of an hour every night, delaying my already lengthy commute back home.

People always say moving is stressful and I always considered this to mean the physical act of packing up your belongings and transporting them somewhere else, but now I think this must just encompass the entire experience.

At first, flat hunting was SO EXCITING because it meant I was finally taking steps to get to the next chapter of my life and move into London with my wonderful friend. Then on week two it lost some of its shine and was a bit more dutiful than anything else. I’m now on week three and by god am I bored of the whole thing. How hard could it be to find somewhere to live, really? How many “two double bedroomed” flats must we see for what they really are – a flat with one huge master bedroom and one box room? And how many miles must I trudge in one week alone back and forth between different flats to meet with different agents only to return again to the same streets days later with someone else?

Honestly, I made a half-joke once to one of the agents that at least the walking around was good for wearing in my new Converse sneakers but the truth is that I actually had a blister by the time I got home so maybe it wasn’t so worth it? Not least of all because that was the same day our dream flat was snatched cruelly from within our grasp.

I hope this serves as a satisfactory explanation/space filler until I become more exciting and adventurous again. For now, I’m going to pass out in front of some cartoons on Netflix and hope that my dreams are not to be haunted by windowless bathrooms, peeling kitchens, and “double” bedrooms that “fit” a bed in wall to wall.


Literally the cartoon I am watching right now. 10/10.

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